MY PR drinks to My sommelier


My Sommelier, your APPointment with the taste


Supporting ASPI’s, Italian Professional Sommelerie Association, mission to spread the enogastronomical culture among consumers, assuming that it’s not just for a lucky few, but it has to be something popular.
Strategy and tools

In order to spread the enogastronomical culture among consumers, it’s necessary to choose a device suitable for all, both in terms of penetration and ease of use. This is the reason why the Mobile has been identified as the perfect media for developing My Sommelier, an app that transforms the consumer into a professional sommelier, in every place (at the restaurant, at the supermarket, during a dinner with friend and so on…) at any time he needs it.
Aiming to reach the biggest audience possible, the app has been developed for all the mobile platform on the market, optimizing the user experience for each one of them. MY PR’s activity has focused on the creation of an effective storytelling activity concerning the project, both on-line and off-line, able to attract both the Italian press and the consumer.

My Sommelier project reached two important International awards. In addition to the Red Dot Design Award – one of the world’s most important awards in the design and communication field – last October it also won the NC Digital Awards for the best digital communication, interactive and online.
This approach gained My Sommelier a great response in customers: the app had 30 thousand downloads in the first 30-days, and – after its multiplatform release - the app has reached more than 70 thousand downloads (and counting) and generates an average of more than 180 thousand page views in a month.
The innovation brought by MySommelier had a huge impact also on the press: the app gained a great media coverage with more than 100 publications on newspapers, lifestyle magazines, news magazines and enogastronomical magazines.
Moreover, thanks to a specific activity on Twitter aimed to involve the most relevant influencers in the food and beverage area, in the month of its launch the app has been a strong topic on the popular social news platform.